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The Best Uses for Tigers Eye Crystal

Tigers Eye crystal is a banded stone that is brown-yellow, pink, blue or red in colour.  It is easily obtained and is sourced in Mexico, India, Australia, South Africa and America.

Emotional Healing Uses of Tigers Eye

Tigers eye creates a high vibrational state that is grounded by the spiritual energy of the earth.  It will enhance your psychic abilities when placed on the third eye and will help to balance your lower chakras. 

Tigers eye was traditionally used as a powerful protective stone to protect the wearer against curses. 

It is also useful for resolving internal conflict.  The vibration the stone produces can support you to differentiate between wishful thinking and what you really need to be focusing on.

Physical Healing Uses of Tigers Eye

  • Supports the repair of broken bones.
  • Supports a person in breaking addiction.
  • Heals the throat and reproductive organs.
  • Aid with night vision and eyesight in general.

Practical Uses of Tigers Eye

  • Carry it with you to protect you from spells and hexes.
  • Place it on your third eye when undertaking divination.
  • Place on your naval when meditating for spiritual grounding.
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