Essential Oils in Witchcraft

If you’ve not heard about essential oils lately you must be living under a rock! Without a doubt plant medicine is truly amazing, but how does that relate to witchcraft?

I’m glad you asked! I’ve found essential oils to be a wonderful addition to my spells and ritual work. They are simple to store, extremely potent and easy to use.

They are a great substitute for herbs and they are amazing for ritual because of their ability to alter our emotional state.

Some of my favourite ways to Essential Oils in Witchcraft are:

  • Anointing Candles
  • Ritual baths (e.g. new moon cleansing baths)
  • Making healing poppets or any other spell that calls for a poppet (like this one).
  • Money Spells (Bergamot is the oil of abundance)
  • Relationship Spells (Basil is great for relationship)
  • Protecting your home (Rosemary oil is fabulous at the door and in your letterbox for protecting your home from ill-will).
  • Meditation.

And I’m sure there are many other ways to use them as well. As I accumulate more oils I’m finding that I am spending far less on herbs each month. No doubt this is because the oils are so concentrated that you only need a drop or two.

I also find them much easier to travel with! I regularly travel to the lovely Bribie Island here in Queensland to stay with family and essential oils take up less space in my bag. Which is handy because I’m usually there over a new moon or a full moon…usually unplanned but it’s probably when I’m most drawn to being near ocean.

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