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May 2019 Almanac for the Southern Hemisphere

Welcome to the May 2019 Almanac!

May includes one of the eight sabbats, Samhaim.  Both the fixed and astronomical dates are indicated below.  There are some longer void-of course periods in May so if your energy feels off check the almanac!

Wednesday 1 May: Samhain (fixed festival date), Moon enters Aries 8:23pm

Saturday 4 May: Moon enters Taurus at 6:17am (following a 12 hour void of course)

Sunday 5 May: New Moon 8:45am, Samhain (astronomical date)

Monday 6 May: Moon enters Gemini at 1:39 pm (following a 12 hour void of course)

Wednesday 8 May: Moon enters Cancer at 7:06pm (following a 10 hour void of course)

Friday 10 May:  Moon enters Leo at 11:13pm (following a 10 hour void of course)

Sunday 12 May: First Quarter 11:12am

Monday 13 May: Moon enters Virgo 2:21am

Wednesday 15 May: Moon enters Libra at 4:50am

Friday 17 May: Moon enters Scorpio at 7:25am

Sunday 19 May: Full Moon 7:11am, Moon enters Sagittarius 11:20am

Tuesday 21 May: Sun enters Gemini, Moon enters Capricorn at 5:56pm.

Thursday 24 May: Moon enteres Aquarius at 3:49pm

Sunday 26 May: Moon enters Pisces at 4:07pm (following a 15 hour void of course)

Monday 27 May: Last Quarter 2:33am

Wednesday 29 May: Moon enters Aries at 4:31am (following a 10 hour void of course).

Friday 31 May: Moon enters Taurus at 2:42pm

If you’d like to print a pretty version of the almanac / witch’s calendar you can buy the whole year here.

If you’d like to know more about the significance of the moon’s journey through the zodiac you can learn about it in our Astrology Basics for Spells and Ritual course.

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May 2019 Almanac
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