Fertility Spell Herbs

The Best Herbs for Your Next Fertility Spell

A solid understanding of herbs and how they can enhance rituals and spells is essential for a witch.  You can use them to create incense, stuff poppets, make tea or to fill a protection bottle or a similar type of vessel.

The herbs covered in this post are ideal for inclusion in a fertility spell or ritual.

Herbs for Fertility Spells

Angelica is most potent in rituals for healing and for protection.   Healing for the mother to be and her reproductive system and protection for the baby once conceived.  The Goddess of Love Venus  is associated with Angelica.

Corn is the giver of life and is associated with the mother figure.  These associations easily lend themselves to a fertility spell.

Cinnamon is associated with Venus and Aphrodite, both goddesses of love.  It raises spiritual vibrations, aids in healing and produces positive protective vibrations. You can use the ground herb or the essential oil.

Mint is used for protection, healing, lust, travel and money spells.  It is ideal for inclusion in a healing poppet that represents the person receiving the fertility spell.

Corriander is a traditional ingredient in love spells.  In powdered form it’s particularly useful in creating lust, which is quite useful when making a baby!  You can use the dried herb or the essential oil.

A Simple Spell to Use These Herbs for Fertility

  1. Create a poppet of the person you are casting the spell for.
  2. Fill it with these herbs and put a rose quartz inside the poppet – preferably where the womb would be (stomach region). 
  3. If you are using essential oils place a drop or two onto the stomach region of the poppet.
  4. As you stitch up the poppet visualise the life growing within and the joy that it will bring.
  5. With each stitch imagine a birthday celebration between mother and child.
  6. Give the poppet to the person you cast the spell for and ask them to carry it with them until they fall pregnant.
  7. Once they fall pregnant they can place the poppet under their pillow until the child is born.
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