This New Years Manifestation spell is so simple yet extremely powerful. Choose your resolutions or things that you want to manifest wisely!

Full Moon Manifestation Spell for New Years

This New Years Manifestation spell is so simple yet extremely powerful.  Choose your resolutions or things that you want to manifest wisely!

Materials for Your New Year Manifestation Spell

  • A white candle – a taper or votive will be fine (unused of course)
  • Green Candle – a pillar candle will work best for this spell (unused).
  • Clay – stuff that sets in the air (no baking required).
  • Something that represents each of your new years resolutions (if possible gather these items during the new moon).
  • A knife or compass (to carve the candle)
  • Essential Oil to anoint your candle – I like to use frankincense or Sandalwood for manifesting work.
  • A full moon and strong intentions!!
Note: Green candles are traditional used in money spells but I find them quite powerful for attracting any type of prosperity.  You can change the colour of the candle if there is something specific that you are manifesting as opposed to a general new years manifesting spell.

Method for Your New Years Manifestation Spell

This spell is to be conducted under the light of a full moon.  You don’t need to work skyclad but if that’s your jam you go right ahead!

  • Light the white candle.
  • If you work with deities or like to call in the elements cast your circle and do so now.
  • If you’re new to witchcraft light the white candle and spend a few moments staring at the flame. Concentrate on slowing your breath.
  • Visualise the flame expanding into a white sphere of light that surrounds you and your materials.
  • Take the clay and feel it between your hands.  Imagine how many beautiful things it could be used to make, its potential.
  • Shape the clay into a vessel – the shape of a bowl will work but make sure you have enough clay to create a ‘lid’ or to seal the vessel.
  • Once your vessel is made.  Take the first of your items that represent a resolution or something to manifest.  Hold it in both hands on your heart.  Imagine what it will be like when it comes true.  If it helps you to set your intention you can say something like “Mother Earth, mother moon.  I seek your assistance to manifest _____.  I’m manifesting this because ______.  Thank you mother moon for your love and generosity.”
  • Repeat this with each of your desires for the new years manifestation spell.
  • Once all of the resolutions are in the vessel seal it with the remaining clay.  I also like to seal the edges with candle wax from the white candle.
  • Anoint your pillar candle with your chosen essential oil.  Start at the stop and work your way down to the middle and then from the bottom up to the middle.
  • Mark out twelve lines on the candle (equally spaced along the height).  These markers are to show you where to burn the candle down to each month.  If you wish you may say something like “Mother Earth, Mother Moon, with this candle I will manifest my desires at each full moon.  Please impart your blessings and energy upon my wishes”.
  • Bury your vessel and make sure it’s in a place that you won’t forget!
  • Let the white candle you used during ritual burn out on the ground above the buried vessel.
  • Return to this spot every full moon and light the pillar candle, burning down to the line for each month and meditate on your desires.
  • At the end of the year dig up your vessel and break it open.  I guarantee you’ll be surprised at how much you’ve achieved in just a year if you follow this spell for twelve full moons!
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