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Types of Witches | Which One Are You?

I’ve read about numerous types of witches over the years.  I’ve seen them referred to as Kitchen Witches, Hedge Witches, Green Witches, Techo-Witches, hereditary witches, crystal witches….. the list goes on and on and on!

Here’s a brief rundown of the types of witches

Hereditary witch: a witch that has descended from a line of witches (once upon a time people thought you had to be hereditary to be a ‘real witch’ – thanks to all those misleading movies – which is not the case!).

Kitchen Witch: a witch that specialises in the use of herbs, potions and spell work that involves cooking.

Hedge Witch: sometimes also called a shaman.  These witches are said to focus on healing.

Green Witch: a witch that uses nature in her spell work and rituals

Crystal Witch: a witch that primarily uses crystals in her spell work and rituals.

Techno-Witch: a witch that predominantly utilises technology in her spell work and rituals.

Eclectic Witch: a witch that borrows from all types of witchcraft.

Faery Witch: a witch that practices ritual and spell work by communing with the faery folk.

Solitary Witch: a witch who practices alone.

Many witches also choose to follow a certain type of witchcraft based on their ancestry.  For example I have a tendency to gravitate towards Norse traditions because I have Swedish ancestors.  Other people follow Celtic traditions, Egyptian traditions, Indian traditions – the choices are almost limitless!

I personally don’t subscribe to the sub-labels in witchcraft, because I don’t like to be limited or confined in my thinking.  Just because you like working with herbs doesn’t mean you don’t work with technology.  Similarly just because you don’t want to be part of a coven, doesn’t mean you can’t honour the sabbats.  So I guess that places me in the Eclectic category but once again I don’t like labels so please don’t feel the need to label yourself either.

I literally use techniques and practices that span all of the ‘types’ of witches listed above so please don’t limit yourself by choosing a label this early in your journey.

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