Selenite Crystal

Is Selenite the Most Important Crystal in Your Collection?

Selenite is a powerful and useful crystal.  If you don’t already own some then I suggest you head out and buy one…. right now!  It’s a translucent stone that has a very high vibration.  It brings clarity of mind and opens up the crown chakra.

Selenite will cleanse other crystals and does not need to be cleansed and charged.  It is also quite soluble so try not to get it wet!

Magickal Uses

  • Instills peace when meditating.
  • Enhances telepathy.
  • Protective gridding around a house.
  • To assist with judgement and insight in a challenging situation.
  • To balance your emotions.

Healing Uses

  • Promotes flexibility and alignment of the spine.
  • neutralises mercury poisoning.
  • supporting breast feeding.

Other Types of Selenite

Desert Rose: helps to reset internal programming that is no longer helpful.

Green: helps you to work towards the highest good.

Blue: shuts out distraction from thoughts during meditation.

For information about how to care for your crystals click here

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