Element of Air in Witchcraft

How to Use the Element of Air in Witchcraft

Much like water, air sustains all living things.  It is a manifestation of intelligence, movement and communication.  Air is invisible to the naked eye, but you can feel the wind and air we breath.

The element of air represents the mind, inspiration and imagination.  It is the element of new life and new possibilities.  Spells for freedom, finding what is lost, travel, new business ventures and study are ideally suited to the element of air.

The element of air is high and active, which is the opposite to the element of Earth.

The Qualities and Uses of the Element of Air

Direction: East.

Colour: Yellow.

Magical tool: Wand and feathers.

Type of energy: Projective.

Herbs: fragrant flowers and pungent herbs.

Stones: pumice or transparent stones like quartz.

The element of air is represented by cloudy skies, airports, travel, mountain tops, wind-swept plains and libraries. It is most powerful when used in spells for travel, knowledge, freedom, study or for finding what is lost.

Goddesses that align with the element of air include:

  • Arianrhod
  • Nuit and
  • Aradia.

Gods that align with the element of air include:

  • Mercurym
  • Thoth and
  • Enil.

Using the Element of Air to Cast a Simple Spell

Want to travel more?  This is a simple spell that will bring you more opportunities to travel.

You’ll need a small feather, something to fan the air with (cardboard or a small hand fan), a small cloth bag and a bunch of fresh mint.

Use a mortar and pestle to crush the fresh mint and release it’s fragrance.  Spend a few moments inhaling the fragrance and taking deep breaths.

Hold the feather in your hand and visualise the places you’d like to visit.  Toss the feather in the air and fan it with your fan or cardboard to keep it in the air whilst continuing to visualise yourself travelling to all of those wonderful places.

Place the mint and the feather in a small cloth bag and carry it with you for a week.

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Element of Air Witchcraft
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