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How to Use the Element of Water in Witchcraft

Water is the element that sustains all life. No living thing in this world can survive without it.  It’s power is evident in it’s ability to either grow and sustain (eg. growing a plant) or destroy (eg. tsunami, erosion etc).

Human beings consist primarily of water.  It’s only logical that the element of water speaks to our own personal growth and regeneration.  It is a heavy and passive element that is opposite in nature to fire.

Qualities and Uses of the Element of Water

Direction: West.

Colour: Blue.

Magical tool: Cauldron.

Type of energy: Receptive.

Herbs: Water lilies, seaweed, succulents, gardenia, jasmine, vervain and roses.

Stones: moonstone, blue tourmaline and aquamarine.

Animals: frog, dolphin, turtle, wale, fish, seal, otter or any other creature that lives in the water.

The element of water is represented in places with bodies of water or flowing water.  The Beach, a river, lake, stream, creek, a waterfall or even a glass of water.  It is most powerful when used in spells for cleansing, love, marriage, friendships, dreams and psychic awareness.

Goddesses that align with the element of water include:

  • Aphrodite
  • Tiamat
  • Yemaya
  • Isis and
  • Mari.

Gods that align with the element of water include:

  • Osiris
  • Neptune and
  • Poseidon.

Using the Element of Water to Cast a Simple Spell

As mentioned above, water can be used to enhance your psychic abilities.  The ritual I’ve outlined here is a very simple one that uses water and the power of the new moon to do just that!

For the best results conduct this spell / ritual by candle light in the phase of the new moon.

Prepare a mixture of sea salt, jasmine, vervain and a carrier oil (coconut oil, grape seed oil etc).  Mix the potion in a bowl and charge it with your intent.  You do this by thinking about what you want to achieve, holding the bowl in your left hand and placing your right hand over the bowl, visualising your intent/energy entering the bowl.  For this spell the goal is to opening your third eye to increase psychic abilities.

Fill your bath with hot water and place 3/4 of the mixture into the bath.  Once the bath is full sit in the bath and focus on your breathing.  Open your mind and think of nothing but your breath.  Random thoughts will come to you – make a note of these when you hop out of the bath to check for any significance.

Stay in the bath until the water is cold.

Put the remaining mixture into a cloth bag and place it under your pillow for a week.

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