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How to Use the Element of Earth in Witchcraft

The element of Earth is the foundation of all life.  In many ways the Earth is the mother of all life.  She is fertile and provides all of Earth’s creatures with nourishment and shelter.  It’s the womb from which all things grow.

It is a heavy, passive element that is opposite in nature to air.    Physical manifestations include stones, crystals, rocks and dirt.

Qualities and Uses of the Element of Earth

Direction: North.

Colour: green.

Magical tool: pentacle.

Type of Energy: receptive.

Herbs: patchouli, mosses and lichens, nuts or roots.

Stones: coal, green stones (e.g. peridot or emerald).

It is represented by places like forests, valleys, farms, caves, gardens, parks, kitchens and basements.  Earth is most powerful when used in rituals for fertility, stability, employment, prosperity, money and abundance.  Common forms of rituals include burying objects, planting trees and making images in loose soil.

Goddesses that align with the element of Earth include:

  • Gaea
  • Mah
  • Nephthys
  • Persephone
  • Demeter and
  • Ceres.

Gods that align with the element of earth include:

  • Adonis
  • Cernunnos
  • Pan
  • Dionysus and
  • Athos.

Using the Element of Earth to Cast a Simple Spell

As referenced above, the element of Earth is particularly useful in spells for fertility, employment, prosperity and abundance.  This is a very simple but effective ritual that utilises dirt and a green candle to harness the power of the element of Earth.

Gather some dirt and bring it to your altar or magical space.  Write what you are wanting to achieve/or to occur on piece of paper.  You’ll want to include as much detail as possible here so don’t just write I want a new job.  Write where you want a new job, what the new job is, how much money you’ll make and also when you’ll start.  Or if you’re casting a money spell write how much you want, why/how you’ll use it and when you’ll receive it.

Set the piece of paper alight and leave it to burn completely in a fire proof container.  Mix the ashes through the dirt.

Place a green candle in the middle of dirt and light it.

Focus on your intent (what you wrote on your piece of paper) and visualise it coming to fruition.  Imagine as much detail as possible.  If it’s a new job then I’d even go as far as visualising what I’d wear, what my desk looks like, the coffee I’d buy on the way there etc.

Once the candle burns out bury the dirt, ashes and wax.  For these spells I find it works well to bury it in your own yard.  If you don’t have a yard you could put it in a pot plant!

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