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A General Healing Spell That will Get You Through the Day

You know those days when you’re not feeling well but you simply have things you’ve got to do?  Perhaps you have a cold but you have a big presentation to deliver at work.  Or you’re a Mum or Dad feeling less than great and you’ve still got to get up and tend to the kids.

This is a simple general healing spell with minimal ingredients that will help you get through the day.

General Healing Spell Materials

  • Sea salt
  • Sandalwood incense (store bought or home made will be fine)
  • A small square piece of white cloth
  • Thyme
  • A white ribbon
  • Crystal Quartz
  • St John’s Wart  Oil
  • A White Candle

General Healing Spell Method

  1. Prior to casting the spell bath in the sea salt to cleanse the negative energy brought on by sickness.  If you don’t have time for a bath then use the salt as a stub in the shower.
  2. Place everything on your altar or a table top surface if you don’t have an altar.
  3. Cast a circle and call in your elemental quarters.
  4. Anoint the candle with the St John’s Wart Oil.
  5. Light the incense and then light the candle.
  6. Meditate for a moment or two gazing into the flames.
  7. Call upon the goddess (you can choose your own if you please) – Diana works well for healing spells.
  8. “Diana (or your chosen goddess), Goddess of the moon and vitality.  I thank you for divine energy and ask that you witness my healing spell and grant me vitality”.
  9. Visualise a beam of white energy from the sky down to your crown chakra.  Visualise that beam of energy expanding from your crown chakra to form a sphere of white healing light around you.
  10. Place the crystal, thyme and a few drops of oil in the white piece of cloth.
  11. Tie the cloth up into a small parcel with the white ribbon – wrap it three times around and knot it nine times.
  12. Thank the goddess, snuff out your candle and close the circle.
  13. Carry the parcel with you throughout the day.  Hold it in your hand when you are feeling unwell during the day.

Best of luck with your spellwork!  I’d love to know how you went with it so please leave a comment below.

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