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Best Uses For Moonstone | Goddess Witchcraft Crystal Guide

Moonstone represents new beginnings .  It’s creamy coloured in appearance and is found in India, Australia and Sri Lanka.  It’s strongly connected to the moon and female energy.

Emotional Healing Uses of Moonstone

Moonstone enhances your intuition and your ability to display empathy. It also enhances your psychic abilities!    It also stabilises emotion by balancing male and female energies. However, women may find it’s effects overwhelming during a full moon.

Physical Healing Uses of Moonstone

Moonstone heals the digestive and reproductive systems.  It’s particularly useful for digestion issues caused by stress.  It’s excellent for relieving PMS symptoms and balancing hormones of the female reproductive system.  Many people use it to enhance their fertility or support breastfeeding.

Practical Uses

  • It’s a great crystal for your nursery because it supports emotional stability and breastfeeding.
  • Wear it as a ring to moderate your emotions.
  • Place it on your forehead when meditating to enhance your psychic abilities.
  • Use it in a fertility spell or ritual.
If you’d like to learn about how to care for your crystals, check out this post.

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The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

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