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Litha Sabbat | How To Make Your Summer Soltice Epic!

Litha Sabbat is one of the lesser sabbats in the Wheel of the Year.  It coincides with the longest day of the year, the Summer Solitice.  In the Souther Hemisphere it falls on 20-23 December.  In the Northern Hemisphere is falls on 20-23 June.

This post covers the purpose of Litha, common traditions and herbs associated with the sabbath.  A further post will be published later this week covering family friendly activities to celebrate Litha.

Purpose of Litha Sabbat

Litha Sabbat celebrates the Sun and the life it brings.  It also marks the end of the sun’s reign as the days get shorter from this point onwards.  Traditionally, it was a time of  year where farmers had planted their crops and were waiting for harvest time.

It’s also a reminder that all things come to an end.  The end of long summer days was seen as an ideal time to move on from past stages or from things that no longer serve us.

It’s an ideal time for all types of rituals and spells, however purification and renewals are particularly potent.

Litha Sabbat Traditions

Fire featured heavily in traditional Litha celebrations.  In some cultures people would jump over the bonfire for purification, whereas in others they would build a ‘wicker-man’ and set it alight.  Another tradition common in farming areas was to build a ‘sun wheel’, light it, and then roll it down a hill.  The further the wheel went before the fire went out, the better the years harvest would be!

In modern times it’s a great time to gather your loved ones for a summer lunch time BBQ and enjoy fresh seasonal fruits.  Meditate on your current projects and think about what’s working and what isn’t working.  Let go of what’s not serving you and move forward with the aspects that are flourishing.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, a clearing of your belongings could help.  Sort through your clothes and general household clutter and give items that no longer serve you to charity.

Herbs associated with Litha Sabbat

You could mix any number of these to make incense for your Sabbat ritual.

  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
  • Vervain
  • Rose
  • Mugwort
  • Carnation
  • Wild Thyme
Please leave a comment below because I’d love to know what you thought of this post!.  I’d also love to hear about your own experiences of celebrating Litha!

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