Crystals for the Nursery

Best Crystals for Your Baby’s Nursery

Crystals can be used for emotional and physical healing as well as for protection.  I use them in my life every single day and I love them.  In fact, I think I’d be lost without them now!  I even used Rose Quartz to enhance my fertility whilst trying to conceive (we fell pregnant in the first month!).

So when it came time to set up the nursery I wanted to include some crystals that would support both baby and I to find our feet.  So how do you know what the best crystals for your baby’s nursery are?  You’re in luck because I’ve done the research for you!

I chose four crystals for my nursery.  Which I keep in a small pouch that is currently sitting in the basket below the bassinet in my bedroom.  But it will move with the baby when we transition to the cot in his room.

So What are the Best Crystals for Your Baby’s Nursery?

Why Amethyst?

Amethyst is a calming stone.  It helps reduce anxiety and relieve insomnia.  So it’s the perfect crystal to help encourage baby to sleep well and to reduce anxiety for both mum and baby.  You can read more about Amethyst in this post.

Why Rose Quartz?

Rose Quartz is the crystal of love.  It strengthens loving relationships and can help foster a sense of inner-peace and calmness.  There can never be too much love between a mother and her child so this one was a no-brainer for me!  You can read more about Rose Quartz in this post.

Why Moonstone?

Moonstone is the crystal for new beginnings.  It balances the female reproductive hormones and has been shown to be beneficial in pregnancy, child birth and breast feeding.  It also helps with digestion and assimilation of nutrients, which is essential for a new baby.  A post with more information about Moonstone is coming soon!

Why Black Obsidian

Obsidian has strong protective qualities.  It forms a shield against negativity and has a grounding effect.  It also assist with digestive issues and relieving tension  A post with more information about Obsidian is coming soon!

What are your thoughts about these choices?  Are there any that you would add to the collection for your Baby’s nursery?

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