Birthing Protection Ritual

Pagan Birthing Protection Ritual for Mothers to Be

If you follow me on social media you would have seen I recently gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.  Which was an incredible experience!

To prepare for the impending arrival of my son I wrote a Pagan Birthing Protection Ritual that I enacted once I arrived at hospital.  It’s quite a personal ritual so I wasn’t sure that I would share it but I’ve had so many emails about protection spells and rituals that I thought some of you might find this one useful.  Either as it is for a Birthing Protection Ritual or to modify for your own purposes.

In terms of an altar set-up I took my mini altar equipment with me because my full size items aren’t exactly hospital friendly!  It includes a crystal that represents each of the elements and also some painted stones for the goddess, god, athame, chalice and pentagram.  Obviously being in hospital meant there were no candles or incense permitted!

Pagan Birthing Protection Ritual

Preparatory work

Arrange your altar equipment and cast your circle.  I use visualisation to cast my circles normally, rather than my Athame or Want, and I used the same technique in the hospital, with a minor variation.  Instead of just a circle of white light I visualised a sphere of white light that enveloped myself and my partner.


 “I call upon the god and goddess, the elements and my spirit guides.

The circle I create is my sacred birthing space. It is a peaceful and positive space, free from negative energy.  I am ready to complete my journey from maiden to mother.

Element of Earth, you have helped me to nurture and sustain my baby in my womb.  I bid you thanks and ask your assistance in keeping me grounded during this joyous occasion.

Element of Water, you have given my baby comfort and life force that has nourished his growth. I bid you thanks and ask your assistance during this wonderful transition.

Element of Air, with each surge I feel and each breath you bring me closer to meeting my beloved child. I bid you thanks and ask that you assist me to remain calm during the labour and fill my son’s lungs with air for the first time.

Element of Fire, you have helped me conceive this child through the passion and love I share with my life partner.  I bid you thanks and ask you assistance in birthing my son’s soul into this world.

 Freya, please guide and protect me as I shall guide and protect my son. Give me the strength to ride the wave of each surge as it comes.  With each surge bringing me closer to birthing my son. 

My circle is cast and will remain unbroken.   None who bear negative energy or ill-will may enter the circle. The protection it provides me and my life partner will grow to encompass my son as he is birthed and grows.”

I hope you find the ritual useful!  Did you perform a protection spell or ritual when you gave birth?

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