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Tools You Need to Practice Wicca | Witchcraft Tools

Wiccans use numerous witchcraft tools when practicing their craft.  There a number tools that you could use, whether you need them or not is another thing all together!

In this post I’ll be talking about my own personal recommendations for the witchcraft tools that will be most useful to you.

Essential Witchcraft Tools

Before I get into the list of tools and what they’re used for I’d like to mention that whilst I say these are the tools you ‘need’, the power of witchcraft comes from you not your tools.  If you are ever without your tools but want to do spell work then you can.  Your mind is your most powerful witchcraft tool!


An Athame (ath-a-may) is a small knife.  It has an unsharpened double edged blade. The Athame directs energy during ritual or spell work. Casting the circle is a common use of an Athame.  It’s aligned with male energy and the element of fire or air depending on your chosen path.  You can buy an Athame and consecrate it, or you can make your own.


A wand is exactly what it sound like.  A wand!!  The Wand directs energy during spells or rituals.  It can be used in place of an Athame. The Want is also aligned with male energy and fire.  Lots of witches choose to make their own wands.  Wands are generally made of wood but you can use a different substance that appeals to you.  I made mine from deer antler at a Mystical Realms workshop.

Mortar and Pestle

A mortar and pestle is very useful for make herbal potions and incense.  Grinding up those mixtures by hand with a mortar and pestle also give you a chance to infuse your own energy into the mix!

Censer or Incense Holder

This one is self explanatory.  I burn incense all the bloody time.  During spells, rituals, meditation, divination and just because I like it.  If you plan on making your own incense a Censer will work better than a stick incense holder.


Yes witches actually have cauldrons!  Not quite the ones in the cartoons…. well mine is no where near that big at least!!  I have a small cauldron that’s 15cm in diameter that I use during spells and rituals.  They are great for burning things in and if you don’t have a censer you can use the cauldron instead!


Oh so many candles!  You’ll find that almost every single spell or ritual calls for a candle of some description!  Different colours represent different things so I’ll be publishing a post about candle magic in the near future – stay tuned!

God and Goddess Representations

Most witches have something in their homes or on their altars to represent the goddess and god.  They don’t have to be massive statues either.  They can be something as simple as a white candle for the goddess and a red candle for the god.  Or something silver for the goddess and something gold for the god.


If you are going to practice spell work I would recommend having an altar or a space that you can use as an altar when needed.  It’s normally a small wooden table that you place your tools on plus any specific materials required for the spell.  I’m not going to go into detail in this post about the size, which way it should face and what goes where etc.  I’ll be publishing a post in the near future about that so keep an eye out for it!  In the mean time if you do have a question please email me.

Other Commonly Used  Witchcraft Tools

  • Sword: much like an Athame but bigger and commonly used in Coven work.
  • Besom: a broom (yes we have brooms too) used to sweep energy to cleanse your home or magical space.
  • Boline Knife: a white handled knife that has a curved blade and is used in the kitchen to chop herbs or spell ingredients.
  • Chalice: a cup that represents the element of water and also the womb (female energy).
  • Pentacle: a round disc made of clay or wood that has a pentagram inscribed.
  • Crystals: crystals have many uses and they can be quite powerful when included in spell work.  Find out more about crystals in this post.

Are there any other witchcraft tools that you think are ‘essential’?

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