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The Best Use for Amethyst | The Goddess Witchcraft Crystal Guide

Amethyst is a transparent purple crystal.  It’s native to America, Britain, Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, Uruguay, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Siberia and East Africa. It’s one of the most commonly found and used crystals in modern times.

Emotional Healing Uses of Amethyst

It’s a powerful protective stone that guards the wearer against pyschic attack.  Amethyst is also a natural tranquilliser and blocks negative energy from the environment around you.   It will help you to remain calm in challenging situations and can also enhance your psychic abilities!

Physical Healing Uses of Amethyst

Amethyst boosts hormone production in the body, which supports the endocrine and metabolic functions.  It has been shown to heal lung diseases, and diseases of the respiratory and digestive tracts.  The effects of insomnia and nightmares can also be reduced with Amethyst.

Practical Uses of Amethyst

You can use Amethyst for lots of things, the list below is just a starting point.

  • Use it to enhance your psychic abilities! Place it over your third eye while meditating.
  • Carrying  it with you will ease anxiety, rage and fear. So take it with you to job interviews or other challenging situations.
  • It can help to reduce sadness and grief. So it can assist with managing emotions during difficult times, such as the loss of a loved one.
  • If you suffer from headaches you can rest a piece on your temple to help reduce your pain.
  • Place a piece under your pillow to treat insomnia or nightmares.

If you’d like to learn about how to care for your crystals, check out this post.

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The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

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