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Book of Shadows | Journalling Your Goddess Lifestyle

A Book of Shadows is a journal.  A journal in which you write about your studies and experiences of the Goddess Lifestyle.  Wiccan’s keep records of their spells, rituals, meditations and studies in their Book of Shadows.

Even if you aren’t Pagan or Wiccan, keeping a Journal is a healthy practice.  Having a place where you can document your thoughts and feelings on a regular basis is good for the mind and soul.  If you’re a regular reader of this blog you can download the printable and stick them in your journal or even just print out the blog posts.

Keeping a record of your Journey into the Goddess Lifestyle will be a valuable resource, both now and in the future.  You’ll have a complete record that you can return to in the future.

Should You Buy or Make Your Book of Shadows?

In truth, that’s really up to you.  You can purchase a blank journal (I love the Kikki-K journals!), you can purchase a witchy one from a Wiccan supplier or your can make your own.

If you’re just starting out I’d recommend just buying a notebook that you can record your thoughts and feelings in.

I personally have four Journals that would form part of my Book of Shadows.  That’s simply for ease of finding information in the future if I want it, plus my brain is very logical by nature so I like to establish systems that keep things organised.

  1. A witchy leather bound book that I use for recording my personal reflections after meditations, workshops, dreams or ritual work.
  2. An A4 notebook to record information about topics that I’m researching
  3. An electronic file on my computer where I type up spells and rituals and
  4. A ring binder where I keep printouts and materials that I receive at workshops or gatherings.

In a way, I guess this blog is also a record of my work on the Goddess Lifestyle!

Your Journal (Book of Shadows) doesn’t have to be anything fancy and if you like working electronically like I do then it can be a computer file or blog.

Do you currently use a Journal in your daily practice?

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